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A place where food is the result of a global journey. A place where you will experience crisp and clean handcrafted food. A place where each dish is created from scratch - using only the finest quality ingredients. A place where passion and innovation meets flavour.

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The Fresh Urban Plate has recently moved to downtown Peterborough at 372 Water Street. A takeout and catering company serving Peterborough and the greater Kawartha's. The Plate prides itself on delivery outstanding flavours, exceptional food quality and catering excellence.

Come experience for yourself the aroma of organic coffee, the handcrafted baked goods, the decadent soups and sandwiches or the mouth-watering mains.

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you can find Mark and the Fresh Urban Plate at the Peterborough Markets. The stand is easy to spot. If you come around lunch time it will be the one with the biggest crowd! Don't worry though, we have plenty of staff on hand to handle the rushes.

Our catering excellence guarantee
Our commitment to you is simple: we will deliver outstanding food and uncompromising service - Every time. Every order will be delivered on time, with everything you need, by trained culinary professionals.

We stand behind what we do.

Mark Brunet
Eclectic. Innovative. Passionate.

Driven by his love of food and flavour, Chef Mark Brunet brings his global cooking experience to the Fresh Urban Plate. Excited by the ongoing daily exploration into the culinary world, blending methods and ingredients to produce diverse and inspiring dishes, Mark is rewarded by achieving great tasting, healthy food with sophisticated flavours.

What's NEW @ Fresh Urban Plate
Fresh Urban Plate  2017-07-20
Check out what is on the urban plate today! We are open until 2.

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Fresh Urban Plate  2017-07-06
TODAYS SPECIALS: - Chicken Breast Kale Asiago Caesar Salad - Roasted Chicken Masala wraps with cucumber yogurt Raitti (pictured) - Baked Sweet Potatoe "Mac n Cheese" - Roasted Atlantic Salmon Guacamole Feta Wraps Come grab a to-go meal that you will tantalize your tastebuds!

Fresh Urban Plate  2017-07-04
Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes. It was a phenomenal opening day!

Fresh Urban Plate  2017-07-04
A sneak peak into one of the delicious dishes we're serving up today. Garam masala sticky chicken paired with a side of our new red coco curry rice and our famous seven year strong kimchi. All of this for $9!! Come get yourself a to-go meal you won't regret this week. Our hours are 8-6!

Fresh Urban Plate  2017-07-04
WE ARE OPEN! Come grab yourself some lunch off our hot NEW menu at our NEW location (372 Water Street).

Fresh Urban Plate  2017-06-30
The countdown is on!

Fresh Urban Plate  2017-06-14
Have you seen our beautiful and bright new location on Water Street?! On Monday, June 26th we are opening our doors to the public where you will be able to experience unique and incredible food encompassing a world of flavours (much like our Farmers Market salads and catering). Keep up to date with us by liking this page as we launch our social media presence on the road to the opening of the café!

Fresh Urban Plate  2014-12-22
Organic sweet potato and Yukon Asiago galettes with a cream lemon broth

Fresh Urban Plate  2014-04-08
At Fresh Urban Plate we love avocados! Check out these 50 reasons why you should too!


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Fresh Urban Plate  2014-02-20
Fresh Urban Plate updated their cover photo.

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Our brand new website is launching soon (finally). Stay tuned!

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